furisode kimono|Kimono Miyabi【Asakusa・Ueno・Kyoto】

Experience the most formal style of kimono worn by unmarried Japanese women. Not only does Furisode have longer sleeves, but every accessories from obi to handbag are different from general kimono style. Each details and the way of dressing represent the most formal attire. On the coming-of-age ceremony, every lady who have reached the age of 20 will be dressed in deluxe kimono style to celebrate their official age of adulthood. Furisode kimono is the perfect style for this once in a lifetime occasion.    

Plan includes: Furisode kimono, hadajuban, socks, juban, obi, formal obijime, shiborizome obiage, formal sandals, formal handbag, formal hair accessory

Hair styling service included

Online payment Only 38,000 yen(Tax containing taxes)